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About enterprise Yamshchik, OOO

The Shebekinsky paint and varnish plant "Yamshchik" is located in the picturesque region of Belgorod region, Shebekino. Production of construction enamels, paints and soil is founded in 1992. Our enterprise one of the first in area obtained the license for production of paints and varnishes that testifies to the high level of the enterprise and difference from "garage" producers. All production made at the enterprise is certified and has all necessary allowing documentation (declarations of compliance, the state registration and passports of chemical production). Besides traditional paints and varnishes (PF 115 enamel, MA 15 paint, a primer of GF 021, MA-15 minium iron, drying oil oksol), at the enterprise it is possible to buy water and dispersive (acrylic) paints and varnishes, namely VD-AK paint front, VDAK paint interior, VD-AK paint for walls and ceilings, VDAK paint for ceilings, a primer of deep penetration and filling. All these paints and soil are checked by time and proved the suitability in construction and finishings of buildings and constructions. Are used for high-quality and eco-friendly coloring in and outside of rooms. In 2011 it is entered into production paint on metal VD-KCh-124 rust modifier, it is the innovative product used for anticorrosive processing of metal. In a single-layer covering it is used as a primer which modifies a rust, thanks to it process of phosphate coating of metal before coloring can be excluded. The primer VD-KCh-124 becomes covered with PF, ML, EDS, NTs enamels, etc. Has no pungent smell, a pozharovzryvobezopasn, dries in 1 hour at a temperature of +18... 20 C. Since 2013 on a new production site production of semi-finished pentaphtol alkidny and uralkidny (quick-drying) varnishes is mastered. Thanks to it the Shebekinsky Paint and varnish Plant "Yamshchik" successfully competes with other producers of LKM and offers more favorable terms of cooperation to the partners. With acquisition of installation on production of semi-finished alkidny varnishes, at LKM plant practically all main raw materials are made for production of LKM. In particular, drying oil oksol and sikkativa which are made at the enterprise for the requirements about ten years.


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